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All our Lifelike-Pure Dolls comes in a discreet and safety box. We ship Worldwide. If you need we can deliver with OCS courier service. Max 48 Hours deliver Time/Worldwide. Surcharge is + 0.5 BTC.
We use a new instant order System, where you can pay with Bitcoins. After that you will be redirect to our Service-Page to privide your Name and Adress for delivery.
Shipping (please order below and use the same BTC Wallet for pay as you do for the Real Dolls)
Europe= 0.17 BTC USA/Northamerica=0.2 BTC Southamerica=0.15 BTC Asian Countries=0.1 BTC
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Q&A (FAQ - Question and Answers)

 Question: How can I trust you?
Answer: We are the one of the leading companies in the Real Doll Sector and long time at the Market. You can see our Proofpic as well and search for Youtube-Videos. This is our new hidden anonymous Website. Be sure you are at the right.
Question: Do you sent me a proof pic with hand-written name on?
Answer: No. We do not expose ourself and we have no time to do photoshootings. You can check the pics on our site.
Question: Do you give warranty.
Answer: Yes! We will ship your Parcel with a TID (Tracking ID) and you can check where it is. We send only with insurance. In case of the Parcel did not arrive we will ship new or sent a refund.
Question: Do I have a warranty on my Doll.
Answer: Yes of course. We give you 5 Years for ALL Parts.
Question: How long it tooks time for my Doll to come to me.
Answer: Usually not more than 5 Days. In case you need fast we have a express delivery +0.5 BTC
Question: Do you will ship first to me and I pay you later.
Answer: No! No serious company will do that in the Darknet.

Question: I want to order but the buttons not work for me. I want to do by mail.
Answer: Please enable (for short) JAVA in your Browser. Better use our payment provider SATOCHIBOX as you sure all payments get legit.

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